Established in 1972

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Joyelle Cali Dance

Joyelle Calisthenics Club established in 1972 and is based in the Tuggeranong area of Canberra. Joyelle Calisthenics’ aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for all participants and to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Calisthenics is for Everyone!

Joyelle promotes teamwork and self-discipline, as well as friendship and life skills. Joyelle members have pride in their team and the club as a whole and work together to create a fun environment.


  • Participation
  • Skill Development
  • Team Work
  • Fun


Don’t just take our word for it

“My daughter has been a member of Joyelle for 3 years now and she absolutely loves Calisthenics! Joyelle is a fun, friendly and professional club. We were made to feel welcome from our first ‘trial’ class and love the friendships we have both formed since becoming members of Joyelle. The expert coaching and skill development my daughter has received is fantastic, seeing her achieve great results both in solo and team competitions.”

Leanne G – Cali Mum

“I love what Calisthenics has done for my child’s balance and posture, and her understanding of what it means to be in a team. She has learnt about commitment, being reliable and made lots of friends! Most of all I love that I can share Calisthenics with my daughter. She likes that her mum is a coach too, and that I sew costumes and help on the committee. She often looks at my old costumes and photos, knowing that I was once doing what she does now. It is special that we are making memories together in this wonderful sport that we both love. My favourite thing about Joyelle is that the children are learning skills, how to be creative and  interacting with others in a fun, friendly and positive environment where everyone is family!

Alison – Cali Mum/Coach

“After looking to enrol my daughter in dance classes and seeing how much this could cost, my sister suggested Calisthenics.

I love that calisthenics allows for its participants to undertake several different genres all for the one cost, unlike other dance schools where participants are required to pay per genre which can get very expensive! I also love that calisthenics includes several stage performances a year rather than just an end of year concert, and that costumes and all equipment are provided.

Both my daughter’s now do calisthenics and I now also volunteer with Joyelle. There is an amazing community and inclusive spirit at Joyelle, and this shows with the dedication and loyalty of several club members, coaches and participants.”

Mary – Cali Mum