Joyelle committee



Joyelle Committee Meetings


Joyelle committee meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 8pm at Tuggeranong Vikings Club.

Like all junior sporting organisations, Joyelle relies heavily on parental contribution. We are always encouraging of new involvement each meeting. Some examples of the parental support and assistance required are; competition duties, assistance at the club camp, costuming, management of teams and as committee members.

Involvement is fun, social and rewarding and, of course, the more people involved and assisting, the lighter the load for each individual.

The club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in February/March each year. All positions on the Joyelle Committee are filled by volunteers. It is imperative to have parental involvement in order for the club to function. All positions are vacated at the AGM and a new committee elected by our members.

If you would like any information or to find out what is involved please contact the clubs president at

Committee Positions


  • Overseeing the running of the club;
  • Club representative at the Cali ACT monthly meeting.


  • Providing assistance to the President, coordination of major club events.


  • Distributing all club communications such as committee meeting agenda and minutes; preparation and istribution of club newsletter; emails from Cali ACT etc.


  • Managing all club payments including invoices (hall hire, events etc), coach payments.


  • Processing registration documentation and maintaining up-to-date participant details for Joyelle and Cali ACT.
  • The busy period for the Registrar is at the beginning of the year processing the registration forms and subsequent monthly updates until approximately June. After this the workload significantly decreases.

Cali ACT Delegate (x2)

  • Represents the club at the meeting with all other clubs. This role requires some knowledge of Calisthenics and this person/these people are required to bring items back to the club committee for input and to represent the club views at the meeting. These meetings are held monthly in addition to the club committee meeting also held monthly.

Cali ACT Competition Committee Delegate (x3)

  • There are approximately 8-10 competition days run by Cali ACT per year. The club Cali ACT competition committee delegates assist the Cali ACT competition committee in the overall running of the competitions. Do not be daunted by what this sounds like. This is actually a great introduction into a Calisthenics competition day and really gives you a birds-eye view of your daughter/s on stage so you don’t have to miss a thing. Some of the roles include:
    • Ticket box – Selling tickets to the current session
    • Manning the ‘In’ door – Opening and closing the ‘out/exit’ door of the theatre at the conclusion of each item.
    • Assistant Stage Manager – Opening the stage door for competitors to enter the stage area
    • Video assistant – All items are videoed, providing assistance for this.



Fundraising Coordinator

  • Coordinating club fundraising efforts such as food supplies for fundraising barbecues and other putting forward ideas for other fundraising initiatives for the club.

Property Officer

  • Responsible for ensuring club items are re-stocked ready for the commencement of the new year, for example club t-shirts, club jackets and other relevant club equipment. In this role it is important to initiate contact with each of the team managers to coordinate ordering of equipment.

Vikings Delegate

  • Joyelle is an affiliate club of the Vikings group. As an affiliate club and to receive monetary grants from the Vikings group the club is required to have a representative attend Vikings meetings. The representative is required to bring items back to the club committee for input and represent the club views at the meeting. These meetings are held monthly in addition to the club committee meeting also held monthly.

Calisthenics Skills Delegate

  • This is a coordination role where the Skills delegate is a club contact point for girls enrolling into the Calisthenics Skills Program as well as a club contact point for the Cali ACT organisers. The timeframes for this role are approximately September to November.

Web administrator

  • Updating and maintaining the club website.

General Member

  • Attend club committee meetings.

Volunteering Roles

Team Manager

  • Liaison between the coach and parents. The team manager, in consultation with the team coach should produce a regular team specific note for parents and undertake any other relevant administrative duties. The team manager should attend the monthly committee meeting.

Costume Manager

  • Under the direction of the coaches coordinate sewing/sequining of team costumes.

Assisting at club fundraising events (eg Bunnings BBQs)




Showcase committee

  • Provide assistance and support in the organisation and running of the club’s annual showcase and presentation day. This may involve manning the entry door, running a canteen, organising gifts/trophies etc. The Vice-President is the coordinator of the event and preparations begin in August for the event in November.

Camp committee

Assisting at the club camp may involve the following duties:

  • Cooking for the girls and coaches;
  • Supervision of the girls of an evening in the cabins and during ‘free-time’;
  • Sewing assistance.